About Dr. Shashank Kamble

  About Dr. Shashank Kamble.


Dr Shashank Kamble A Renowned Personality In The Field Of Small Animal Practice Has Got A Total Experience Of More Than Twenty Years. He Is A Postgraduate In Veterinary Science And Sprecialised In Animal Genetics Breeding .He Has Also Completed His Mba In Marketing And Now Pursuing His Phd .Not Only He Has These Qualifications But Has Attended Specialized Courses From North Carolina State University Raleigh Usa Twice .He  Attended Specialiazed Course In Veterinary Dermatology And Internal Medicine In 2008 And 2017. Also He Is An Active Member Of Ppam, Veterinary Orthopedic Foundation And Spca And Attended Many Seminars And Conferences Held At Various Places In Thialand,Goa,Hong  Kong And Canada.