What We Provide/Services

Quality Health Care, Especially Preventive Health Care, Can Allow Your Pet To Have A Longer And

More Comfortable Life.

Services Available At Planet Animal Hospital :

* Vaccinations & Nutrition :

Vaccination Make Your Pet’s Immune System Detect And Respond To Various Infections &

Diseases, Before They Can Cause Any Form Of Serious Harm To Them. Thus, It Becomes

Imperative That You Vaccinate Your Pet With Necessary Vaccination Shots At Proper Time. We

Also Offer Nutrition Advice To Pet Owners To Optimize The Growth Of Their Dear Pets.

Prescription And Treatment Diets Are Also Available.

* Monthly Checkups :

We All Know That Prevention Is Better Than Cure! Hence, Through Monthly Checkup, You Can

Cover All The Regular Essentials Such As Annual Vaccinations, Regular Deworming And Flea

Protection For Your Pets Which Is An Amazing Way To Keep Them Fit And Healthy!

* Surgical Facilities :

We Provide Sterile Surgical Procedures For Your Dear Pets For All Kind Of Major And Minor

Surgeries For All The Species. Castrations, Spays, Aural Hematomas, Cystotomies, Tumor

Removals, Removal Of Bladder Stones Are Some Of The Surgeries Performed By Us At Our


* Veterinary Ultrasound & 2d Echo :

Ultrasound Provides A Non-Evasive & Pain Free Way To Diagnose Many Health Related

Problems With Your Pet. E.G. Abdominal Scans, Pregnancy Diagnosis Etc.

* Dermatology :

Dermatological Problems Are Often Extremely Frustrating. It Requires Vigilant Care. We Have

Treated Fungal And Bacterial Skin Diseases Hence These Are Very Common; We Also Perform

Skin Scraping To Detect Parasitic Skin Diseases. Our Dermatology Services Are Not Limited

Only To Small Animals And We Often Have Avian And Occasionally Exotic Patients.

* Sterilizations & Neutering :

Spaying And Neutering Helps Your Dog Live A Longer, Healthier Life. Spaying Greatly Reduces

The Chance Of Mammary Cancer And Also Eliminates The Possibility Of Uterine Or Ovarian

Cancer. Neutering Will Decrease The Possibility Of Prostate Disease And Testicular Cancer.

* Dental Checkups & Dental Surgeries :

Good And Preventive Oral Health Is Important Part Of Overall Health Of Your Dear Pet! At

Animal Planet We Have Dental Equipments Such As Ultrasonic Dental Scaler To Perform

Dental Scaling. We Also Perform Tooth Extractions And Some Other Minor Dental Work.

* Pathology Services :

We Provide Sample Collection Facilities For Blood, Dermatology And Urine.

* Pet Grooming :

We Offer Grooming Services Like Shampooing Hair, Conditioning, Blow Dry, Nail Clipping &

Hair Cutting For Your Pets. Pets Are Kept In Safe & Friendly Atmosphere And We Ensure That

They Are Never Exposed To Unvaccinated Animals. We Require All Grooming Pets To Be

Vaccinated For Your Pet’s Safety. If Your Pet Has A Medical Concern, You Can Request An

Examination By One Of Our Doctors At The Hospital.

All Pets Brought For Grooming Should Have A Sound Temperament. Pets Must Be In

Good Health.

* What We Provide :

* Shampooing Hair

* Medicated Bath For Ticks, Flea & Skin Infections

* Conditioning

* Oil Bath

* Oil Massage For Dandruff Related Issues

* Blow Dry

* De-Matting

* De-Shedding

* Ear Clean

* Nail Clipping

* Hair Styling/Clipping

We Consider Pet Grooming Is Taking Hygienic Care Of Your Pet Plus Cleaning It By A

Process In Which Your Pet’s Physical Appearance And Health Is Enhanced.

Day Care & Lodging/Home Stay :

There Are Times When You Have To Leave Your Pets Back Home During Your Holidays Or A

Business Tour And The Only Thing That Makes You Worry Is The Safety And Health Of Your

Beloved Pet. Planet Animal Hospital Offers A Home Away From Home For Your Pets While

You’re Travelling.

At Animal Planet, A Relaxed & Comfortable Environment Is Provided To Them Where They Can

Enjoy Their Stay. We Ensure That Your Pets Spend A Good Holiday Time With Plenty Of

Exercise And Stimulation.

When You Board Your Pet With Planet Animal Hospital, You Are Assured That Your Pet Gets

The Best Treatment Available, These Are Some Key Features As Follows :

* Air-Conditioned Space For Pets To Stay.

* Alternative Staff To Make Sure That Kennels & Exercise Areas Are Clean And


* Pets Are Monitored Very Carefully During It’s Stay By Our Staff For Elimination Habits,

Appetite And Over-All Well Being.

* Pets Are Fed Fresh Food.

* Dogs Are Exercised Properly Several Times A Day And Cats Are Provided Separate

Space For Boarding With All The Above Mentioned Facilities.